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I have been slow lately. I can't complain since it's my first real slow period in over a year. So since I've been slow I've been taking on new jobs with new GCs and doing more sub work. It's been kinda frustrating. I seem to have so many more issues and callbacks with sub work vs my own jobs. The job I'm on currently has been a bit of a nightmare. The customer is a nut. She is a pain and a jerk. It's an insurance job. I believe the basement got wet. Demo was done when we arrived. All we were supposed to do was glue up marlite paneling, install base and chair rail, install laminate floor and paint walls. Pretty simple. Problem is the walls were all crappy when we showed up. Lots of bows in the framing and old drywall. GC was specific on only doing what we were told to do. The GC also dropped of some really crappy trim he stained himself for us to install. It looked like garbage but he wanted us to install it. Now the customer is saying she is unhappy with the project and the materials used and complaining about every bow in the wall and gaps between trim and wall (due to bowing drywall between studs) the GC and myself did a walk through with her and agreed what needed addressed. I went out and spent a few hours tweeting and touching things up. Well I get an email from the GC saying she still isn't happy and he wants me to go back out to address more alleged issues. I'm frustrated because I've already got too much time involved but I haven't seen any money so I'm forced to keep going back so they will give me a check. Do you find that subbing work is more trouble ridden than your own jobs? How do I tell this GC that he needs to get his crap together and give me my check. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Category: General Contractor Post By: CHRISTINE CAMPBELL (Miramar, FL), 03/05/2018

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